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Maine needs solar energy. It also needs a plan for it
The state should have a better handle on this by now: How much should Maine spend to incentivize the use of solar energy to ensure the greatest return, relative to the energy needs of Maine, and how should those incentives be structured? How does solar …
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Environmentalists worry decision made in Canada could impact Maine
PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — On Thursday afternoon, the Canadian National Energy Board ruled in favor of a project that will allow tar sands oil to flow east from Alberta Provence to Montreal, Quebec. Environmental groups in Maine believe the …
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Legislative committee endorses bill designed to protect water quality in Maine
AUGUSTA, Maine — Most of Maine's lakes are still covered with ice, but on Thursday, the Legislature's Environment and Natural Resources Committee approved a bill that aims to further protect water quality for 3,000 of the state's largest lakes. Among …
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